Client results

Rachel came to me wanting to lose weight and build strength, particularly doing pull ups.

She is making great progress with her strength with a resistance program designed specifically to nail her goals, the correct approach to nutrition, and as you can see. She totally transformed her body shape.

Barbara came to me for an 8 week challenge, yep that’s right, just 8 weeks. She was upset about her weight and needed to change. She received a training program, diet coaching and ongoing support and achieved these results in just 8 weeks, in the process she won a £250 cash prize for the best transformation on the challenge. She signed up for another program with me and her weigh is continuing to drop.

Jenny got these results over just 8 weeks.

He already enjoyed going to the gym but only ever done cardio as she wasn’t sure what to do when it came to resistance.

I created her a tailored training program on my website with full demo videos and written instructions for each exercise. This gave her the confidence to enter the weights area. We also discussed her eating habits, tweaked some and totally replaced others. This amazing transformation was the outcome.

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Megan got these results over 8 weeks with a mix of resistance and HIIT training. All which she could view on my app. I also gave her a selection of meals to suit her dietary needs and she got brilliant results.

When I met Amy she had already lost some weight but had stalled. She had being doing home workouts and eating cleaner but that can only take you so far. I got her to track her food properly, add resistance to her training and shown her how to track and increase her fitness with the cardio side of her training. Her results speak for themselves.

Loren joined a 30 day challenge I done and clearly smashed it. These results only actually too 3 weeks though. She wanted to lose weight for her wedding. Unfortunately due to COVID 19 her wedding got postponed but her results are her to own forever

Due to job this person asked me to keep her name anonymous, but she joined my website and had great results which we built on and in total lost over 6 stone.

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