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Are you sick of being over weight?

Hey, I've been there. After leaving the army in 2012 I gained a ton of weight myself. I hated how I looked and felt and started hating myself. 

I felt disappointed in myself, angry at myself and also angry at the universe for making it so hard for me to lose weight while it seemed so easy for others. For me things just got worse and worse. Usually because I would eat to cheer myself up (temporarily)

It was actually not my fault

I'd been led to believe so many things that turned out to be complete b******t!

Such as...

1. Fat burners worked

2. 'Healthy' foods would make me lose weight

3. Supplement companies cared about me and my weight

4. Things like lemon water reduce belly fat

Here's some truths...

1. Fat burners don't do s**t for weight loss

2. Eating too many calories from so called healthy food still leads to fat gain

3. Supplement companies care about profit and NOTHING else

4. NOTHING burns belly fat. The right diet and training will reduce it but you can't target it.

Breaking point

Eventually I reached breaking point.

After like 4 people in 1 day commented on my weight, I realised that pretty much everyone I knew had in some way commented on my weight.

Even the friendliest of comments still cut pretty deep.

The solution

- I hit the gym

- Started eating better

- Quit drinking quite as much

_ Stopped eating to cheer myself up

This led me to lose weight, but eating better still wasn't 'right'

I knew if I wanted serious results I needed to do more.

If I wanted goals such as a 6 pack, I needed to study.

So what did I study?

1. How to eat RIGHT, not just better

2. How to train RIGHT, not just better

3. How to treat my by body RIGHT

4. How to think in a healthier way

5. How to calculate the calories in food

6. What equipment to use in the gym

7. (as I have ongoing back issues) A machine alternative to squats

(for a good calorie calculator UK visit mayoclinic.org

My own results

Not too bad eh?

I got pretty good at this, really good in fact. More and more people were asking me for help than I had time for. Everyone around me was telling me I should be giving this amazing feeling to others for a living... I agreed.

How did I help others?

  • I completed personal training courses, so that the training I was advising would be perfect for their needs

  • I completed nutrition courses, so the diet advice I gave would be perfect for them

  • Studied clinical weight loss and fitness psychology, to help them change their behaviour

  • And of course, took out insurance

How can I help you get YOUR dream body?

1. By creating you a tailored, progressive training program that  can be completed either at home or at the gym.

2. Give you demonstration videos for every exercise in your program.

3. Give you tailored nutrition coaching or meal plans, calculated to your calorie and macro needs.

4. Give you all the tools you need to track your progress to keep you moving in the right direction.

5. Apply everything I mentioned about fitness behaviour coaching, to make all of this a walk in the park.

6. Send all of this straight to your smart phone, tablet or computer screen.

Money back guarantee

So, you have already seen the results I get for people, but hey, I get it.

It can be a little scary passing your hard earned cash to a stranger, so how about a 100% money back guarantee?


With no catches, If you try my program and don't get results, I'll return 100% of the cost.

there won't some 10 day wait type excuse either, If you ask for a refund, it will be transferred the same day.













To cut a long story short

So, to cut a long story short, it's time to make a decision.

Do you want to keep making the same mistakes I was making, wasting money on products that don't work and gaining more and more weight and feeling down and disgusted in myself all the time.


- Do you want to start carving your dream body, like the people in the pics above. 

- Do you want to literally change your life and became the fitter, healthier and leaner version     of you that you deserve?

- Do you want to do all of this totally risk free due to the money back guarantee in the ultimate fitness program designed specifically for you?

Then all you have do is choose your option below and let me get started doing what I do best, and start guiding you to the results you deserve.

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Actually made this one my wife!

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£27 FOR 12 WEEKS

. Mobile App for easy access to your Program


. Access to your own smooth and easy to use Private Members Area 


. Quick, Easy, and Flexible Exercise Programs delivered straight to your app and members area.


. All Workouts come with Exercise Videos and Descriptions to ensure you know exactly how to get the most from your workouts.


. Track your progress through detailed assessments, flexible food diary, progress photo manager and simple to use Tracking Area all built directly into your app and members area.


. Receive Regularly Coaching from your coach in the form of videos, PDFs and more for Long Term Success


. Easy to follow nutrition and diet advice sent directly via your app and member's area. 


. Track your daily and weekly progress though simple and efficient check in’s via your app and members area


. Communicate directly with your coach via the In-App messaging center.


. Integrates your favorite apps such as MyFitnessPal, Fitbit and MyZone to your member's area for an all-in-one experience.


£687 FOR 12 WEEKS

All the features from the standard internship but also includes...

. One to One fortnightly coaching calls to discuss in details your Changing Goals, Progress and Issues you might be having.

. Fully Tailored Training Programs that will be amended throughout the program to suit your ever changing needs.

. Round The Lock support via Whatsapp or text to my personal number.

. Book in your own Coaching Calls at times to suit you by accessing my diary and booking the bet time slot for you.

If you think this option is for you but still have a few question, click the link below to book a free call with me and I'll call you to discuss your goals and any worries you have.





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