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Hey, If you're trying to find a personal trainer near you, then read on.

I run personal training programs from JD gym in Widnes.

I honestly believe that our gym is the very best of the gyms in Widnes. Being a local gym trainer I'm lucky to have such a great gym next to me.

We have plenty of equipment to go around, including gym equipment for legs, gym equipment for arms, some of the best full body equipment in the world, the best cardio equipment and the best functional rig in the country.

We have a great class time table too, including plenty of early morning fitness classes. I always recommend to my clients that between our personal training sessions, they try to attend classes.

There is however a minimum gym age of 16. I feel this level of equipment gives me much more flexibility and variation than doing in-home personal training.

With all this in place I'm very proud to be a JD gym PT. You might be able to find some cheap gyms in Widnes but none are as good value for money as JD. I honestly don't know of a better gym near me. You can find the gym images here

Feel free to contact me with the form below to discuss training programs and also, all my personal training nutrition advice is included in any of the training options.

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