With this new course, you will create a mindset for success and overcome your motivation pitfalls!

Giving you the body and attitude you have always deserved! 

This breakthrough course will show you how our brain works when we make decisions.


It explains why we usually want to make the wrong decisions, and how we can change it so that our brain WANTS to make the right decision. So it becomes our best friend instead of our worst enemy.


The course contains a worksheet which helps you to figure out where you personally struggle when it comes to motivation and dedication, so we can create a plan to fix it tailored just to you. As well as videos and documentation.

  • Break mental barriers stopping you from achieving your goals!

  • Overcome bad eating habits with simple mental triggers!

  • Improve your mood and wellbeing and get healthier!

  • Create an environment at home for a successful mind, body & lifestyle.

  • Online school with video, documents, and worksheets.

  • Discover new ways to use your mind to overcome your mind!!!

An ex-army recruit, Jac Howden started his fitness journey after his own health and body struggles. After searching the internet for nutrition advice from fitness influencers and blogs, he became increasingly frustrated with the contradicting information and the paid ads for meal replacement shakes and supplements that didn't seem to work for him. 

Jac decided to take matters into his own hands. After a series of certified courses teaching him scientifically proven nutrition and fitness content. He finally began to see results. Jac lost 3 and a half stone, built muscle and felt healthier than ever before. Not only that, but he has learned to understand the human mind, how we make decisions, how we behave around food and how external factors affect us so that he could keep the weight off. 

Friends and family started to turn to him for fitness and nutrition advice and before long, he decided to turn his passion into a career and completed his personal training course. Jac was inundated with clients and wanted a way to bring his advice and guidance to the mass market for a cost-effective price. From this, Gym School by Jac was born and has helped hundreds of people transform their bodies, health and mindset towards food, willpower and fitness.

In this new course on fitness mindset management I have taken everything I have learned, from all the latest thinking in psychology and weight loss to create this new course which is  condensed into documents and videos.

Meet Your New Mindset Coach

Jac Howden

Get Mindfulness for weight loss & body goals for only £17

Get Mindfulness for weight loss & body goals for only £17


Get Mindfulness for weight loss & body goals for only £17

 + 1-week free access to Jym School by Jac