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Q. How do I get a 6 pack?

A. By staying in a calorie deficit consistently. Doing endless crunches won't reveal your abs if you eat too much. You need low enough body fat to let those six pack abs show through. Staying in a calorie deficit is the only way to achieve this.

Q. Calorie deficit meaning

A. A calorie deficit is when you burn more calories than you consume. This leads to fat loss as your body makes up the difference from your body fat stores.

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Q. How do I look like Chris Hemsworth?

A. Ok Chris Hemsworth is an example but I do get asked all the time how people can look the likes of him Dave Bautista or other male celebrities. Women do ask to look like female celebrities, just not as frequently. Jessica Alba, Halle Berry are some common ones. that's just to name a few.

There's nothing wrong with looking at these people for inspiration but it's important to know that realistically, you probably won't ever look just like them.  Searching the web for a Chris Hemsworth workout, isn't going to make you take the same shape as him. You may very well get really ripped, or a really muscular body but the details of a persons body shape and how our bodies change are quite unique to the individual.

Q. How to build a bigger bum?

A. Just like building any other muscle. You need resistance applied to the muscles in you bum (Glutes), a calorie surplus and adequate protein to build new muscle tissue. You should use different glute exercises in your full body or bum workouts that target the 3 key glute muscles, Gluteus maximus, medial and minimus. I get asked what are the best glute exercises but there are so many that people should also think about the ones they enjoy.  trainer could help you try a lot and create the ideal glutes workout.

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Q. How do I improve my fitness

A. Cardio is the best way of increasing fitness. While resistance training changes our physique and increases strength, cardio improves our respiratory, vascular and heart health and the ability to convert glucose into ATP for fuel. This aids performance, recovery and endurance. Exercise like running, cycling, hiit training and tabata workouts are some of the best cardio you can do.

Q. What is the best protein powder?

A. Thats not how it works. They don't contain anything magical and how many grams of protein you need from a shake would also depend on how many you lack in your diet.

No matter what your goal is you should be more focused on a healthy diet that has calculated calories and protein. If you're trying to cut fat then you would want a low calorie protein powder that gives you as much protein as possible for the lest cals. Again though, you should be trying to get your protein from a balanced diet before reaching for shakes. If you want to build muscle but don't like eating the amount of food you need. Then a mass gainer may be the solution. The best mass gainer would be one with high protein and carbs to help recovery. However you should only be in a small calorie surplus of around 100 to 200 cals per day.

Q. Why do we need protein?

A. For a number of reasons. In relation to fitness journeys, the key reason we need protein is to use the amino acids it contains to build muscle and protect muscle in a calorie deficit. It also has a higher thermic effect that carbs and fats. This means that it takes more calories just to process it. Meaning less calories to count towards your daily intake. This however is very varied so I'd recommend never trying to calculate the thermic of foods when calculating you daily calorie needs.

Q. How do I build a bikini body?

A. The 1st thing to say for this is, what do you consider to be a bikini body?

Any body can fit into a bikini, if you're asking how to get a body that YOU are confident enough with wearing a bikini then that comes down to your own confidence. It way very well be a mental issue and a self worth issue. If you're over weight and not happy about it then would losing weight? Probably, I know I was. And now I have the confidence to walk around topless. So the answer there would be track your calories, eat in a calorie deficit and lose the weight until you are more confident. You may not need to lose weight, you might be trying to gain weight, so you would do the opposite and use resistance training to build muscle.

If what you want is to look like a bikini competition model, then it would take months and months, if not years of hard work and diet and training cycles to do both the things I mentioned above. Also you would need a contest prep routine because what body builders look like on stage is not how they live day to day. Also, if you're reading this and dreaming of a bikini model body, I expect you're not an experienced body builder and don't know how to build lean muscle, and therefore would definitely need the help of a professional.

Q. What is the best exercise for weight loss?

A. Well something to consider is what you enjoy, and any limitations you have physically.

When you workout, you would want to use as much muscle possible in the time you have, so exercises like squats, deadlifts, overhead press or the good old pull up. These are compound exercises that use the largest muscle groups. Therefore more calories needed during the workout and afterwards to fuel your recovery.

As mentioned though, if you hate these exercises or not able to perform them they they are not best FOR YOU. Your weight loss will boil down to your diet so the trining just complements that. This is why it's beneficial to hire a coach to create a tailored training program that suits your personal needs and preferences.

Q. Best diet to lose a stone in a month?

A. Although it is certainly possible to lose a stone in a month, I wouldn't get your hopes up. There's too many variables such as genetics. I once had a client lose a stone in a week, but that was a very rare anomaly, also a large amount of that would have only been water. A healthy, easy and sustainable weight loss rate is 1 to 2lb per week. So if clients lose over 4lb in one month, it should be classes ad a success. There's millions of people that would kill to be in that position remember.

Q. Do squats make your bum bigger?

A. Yes they certainly can make your bum bigger but there's more to think about. You want to be eating in a calorie surplus and have a training program that includes various other bum exercises (glutes). It's important to ay attention to progressive overload too. 

This means constantly increasing intensity to ensure you're stimulating the muscle tissue enough to grow. Oddly I get asked a lot do squats make you shorter? No, you can relax. The next question has more on the subject.

Q. What is progressive overload?

A. Progressive overload is how we continually apply added resistance to our body in order to force an adaptation. This usually refers to adding weight to resistance exercises, but it also means a lot more. Progressive overload can be applied though extra sets and reps, or moving slower through the rang of motion of the exercise. Also concentrating on form adds extra difficulty. In regards to cardio, it is usually a case pushing yourself to lower a set time over a set distance but again there is other ways to make cardio more difficult such as weighted vests etc.

Q. Why am I not losing weight?

A. I get asked this a lot and the answer is the exact same every time you're not in a calorie deficit. People often underestimate how rigid their tracking should be and don't thing to track calories from drinks etc. Once they start tracking stuff like drinks and table sauces etc, they realise they had been consuming more calories than they thought and then they start getting better results.